furniture and kitchen materials

Specially selected materials

I work with a diverse range of materials and suppliers. From the latest contemporary finishes and fittings right through to more traditional classic wood finishes. The materials selected will always be determined by your project requirements. We'll look at combining function, form, visual and tactile effect, through the use of both natural and synthetic materials

Finding the right blend of style, function and budget that suits you and your lifestyle is the ultimate result.


wood kitchen benchtopStrong and versatile, wood maintains an ageless and natural appeal. The look can be cool and contemporary or warm and traditional and anywhere in between. Smooth clean lines to open end grain for a textured style finish.
Epoxy resins are used for bonding hard working areas (like benchtops), seriously strong and will stand up to anything.


kitchen and cabinet joinery design laminatesLooking for depth, colour and texture for functional and decorative surfaces? I select from a wide range of products for use in kitchens, bathrooms, commercial applications, furniture, wall panelling and storage. 

Bestwood Melamine and Futura High Pressure Laminate are popular choices.


blum kitchen hinges hardwareWell built, well engineered and long lasting is what we're looking for. Blum makes high level functional furniture fittings that make kitchens work as easily and as comfortably as possible. It's worth remembering that the kitchen is often the largest and most used work area in a house.
Perfect motion for doors, and pull-outs as well as optimal storage space utilisation.


  • American White Ash
  • American White Oak
  • Recycled Native Rimu, Matai, Kauri
  • Bestwood Melamine
  • Futura HPL
  • Meranti Marine ply
  • Blum Hardware
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Epoxy resin laminates